Herb's Car Services, Inc.

Providing Relaxation, Comfort, and Convenience, 
all while placing your safety first!

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Herb's Car Services, Inc. is a blooming company that places its priorities on our clients. Safety of course is our primary concern, however much emphasis is placed on comfort, convenience, and reliability. We offer pick-up and drop off services to any location in any state. We specialize in airport pick-ups and drop-offs, although we offer a variety of different services.  Our fleet at this time includes full size fully loaded sedans capable of holding up to 3-4 passengers, mini-vans capable of holding up to 5-6 passengers, Premium Mid-Size SUVs capable of holding up to 3 passengers, Premium SUVs capable of holding up to 6 passengers, as well as Full Size SUV's capable of holding up to 5-7 passengers. Passenger vans are also available and capable of holding up to 7-14 passengers, but must be requested at least one week in advance.  Below are a list of some services we provide here at Herb's Car Services.

- Pick-Up/Drop-Off services to/from shopping malls.

- Night out on Town

- Services to Amusement Parks/Attractions/Casinos 

- Sightseeing  (Inner City & Multi-State tours are available)

- One-Way Travels

- One Day Getaways

- Moving Services for up to 4 bedrooms.  

- Driving Lessons for First Time Drivers

- Vehicle for Road Test (New York State Residents ONLY!!)

Please feel free to browse our site, find rates, and/or book a reservation online with us. Please be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest announcements and promotions. Payment options are easy and convenient. We accept all major credit and debit cards, and cash is always a plus. Please, no checks!! Our site is currently undergoing construction, so we ask that you please bare with us. We apologize in advance for our appearances, and we thank you for putting your trust with Herb's Car Services, Inc.